The Mission

The TPU mission is to increase the country's competitiveness by providing education and practice, the training of the engineering elite, the generation of new knowledge and innovative ideas, and the creation of resource-efficient technologies through research internationalization and integration.

Staff and students together are creating and developing one of the best technical universities in the world. Its success is based on the professionalism, creativity, and harmony of the whole team.

University’s Values

Freedom and courage in pushing the boundaries of knowledge in priority areas of science for the benefit of humanity while respecting professional ethics.

Innovation in science and education in the pursuit of professional excellence.

Science and education innovation in pursuit of professional excellence.

The team's involvement in all aspects of the university allows faculty, staff, and students, both current and future, to reach their full potential.

Alumni, students, and staff are united by the university's long-standing traditions.

The corporate culture that promotes transparency and a comfortable internal environment.

Individual liberty manifested by the absence of racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and political discrimination.

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