TPU is a participant in Priority 2030, the state program for university development.

Priority 2030 is the largest national university development support program in the history of modern Russia. It started in 2021. Russian universities presented comprehensive development plans for the next ten years in order to participate in the program.

Leonid Sukhikh, TPU Acting Rector:
"TPU entered the first group on the Research Leadership track with the largest special grant size after the Priority 2030 selection results from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

"This is a great achievement for the entire university team. The program opens up serious opportunities for TPU. I am sure that we should use them to the maximum, invest the grant funds correctly in order to reach a new level as a scientific and educational center.

"The Priority 2030 program will make it possible to implement the necessary and ambitious projects and lay down a deliberate strategy for TPU development for the next ten years."

The TPU development program includes three strategic projects.

The project’s goal is to provide a technological and personnel reserve for the sustainable transition of the Russian Federation to environmentally friendly, resource-saving energy, decarbonization of industry, increase in the efficiency of production and deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, development of new nuclear energy technologies, formation of new sources, methods of transportation, and storage of energy.

The project's goal is to establish a federal reference center for experimental medical technologies to speed the transition from ideas and concepts to clinically proven products.

The project's goal is to create a system and environment in the country for developing and testing new models of engineering education and technological entrepreneurship.

With the support of the Priority 2030 program, a transformation of the following main areas is currently taking place at TPU:

  • Educational Policy;

  • Research Policy, and Innovation and Commercialization of Developments Policy;

  • Youth Policy;

  • Human Resources Management Policy;

  • Campus and Infrastructure Policy;

  • University Management System;

  • Financial Model of the University;

  • Digital Transformation Policy;

  • Open Data Policy.

Employees and students participate in the implementation of policies. In a team or individually, they can propose initiatives that will contribute to the development of the university in one of the areas (policies). As a result, with the support of the Priority 2030 program, promising research and development is being carried out at TPU, new classrooms and spaces for study and project work are being opened, and new student associations are emerging.

Read more about the results of work in 2021 on the Russian-language website of the program.