Russian Language State Certificate

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language or TORFL is a mandatory test for application to any university and college in this country. It aims to assess Russian language skills of international students on a six-tier scale and measures their ability to communicate on basic, academic, and professional topics.  

All international students can pass Russian language exam in the Russian Language Testing Center.

TORFL Elementary level

Elementary and basic level certificates confirm ability to communicate on basic topics.
TORFL Basic level
TORFL-I TORFL-I confirms the person's ability to communicate on different topics at the intermediate level. This certificate is required for application to undergraduate programs.
TORFL-II TORFL-II confirms the person's ability to communicate on professional topics (social and natural sciences, and engineering) at the upper intermediate level. Its holder is eligible to apply to graduate programs.
TORFL-III TORFL-III confirms the person's ability to communicate on professional and academic topics (journalism, business administration, political sciences, and professional language translation services) at the advanced level.
TORFL-IV indicates that a person is a fluent speaker. The certificate allows gaining employment in areas that require linguistic training, including teaching Russian as the second language.