Orion Hang-Glider Club

For over 40 years, the club has been training hang-gliders and paragliders. Traditionally, club members are introduced to aviation sports and learn practical piloting skills at a training base near Tomsk. The Orion athletes regularly take part in regional, national, and international competitions. Students, staff, and Tomsk citizens can become members of the club.

Vihur Automobile Club

The Vihur Сlub was founded in 1983. Vikhur provides training in motor-vehicle construction, car care skills, and driving in extreme conditions. Club members organize annual competitions for students and university staff and participate in various events: road and rallycross, speed maneuvering, both in Tomsk and beyond. The Vihur Сlub invites students to gain experience in repairing and refining cars as well as getting driving practice, including extreme driving.

Afalina Diving Club

In the diving club, whose history goes back almost 50 years, students and staff of TPU can learn diving, make dives, and go on expeditions under the guidance of experienced trainers, as well as receive an international certificate and passport as a CMAS diver.

Polytechnic Sports Club

Polytechnic is an organizer of university sports meetings and tournaments. The systemic organization of the club’s sports and the mass work ensure the appropriate training of athletes for successful performance outside the university. In the club, students and staff can get current information about ongoing sporting events and their outcomes.

Ariadna Mountaineering Club

The Ariadna Club was founded in 1973. The main areas of activity are alpinism, rock, and ice climbing. Moreover, members have the opportunity to practice speleology, tourism, cycling, alpine skiing, snowboarding, slacklining, and many other sports.

Amazonki Sports and Tourist Club

The Amazonki Club will provide you with tourist and initial mountaineering training. Also, with experienced athletes, you can take part in Russian and international hikes of various difficulty categories. Athletes of the club are engaged in all types of active tourism, such as rafting, climbing, and rock climbing. They participate in mountain, water, ski, car trips, and expeditions to the caves. Every participant has access to all necessary equipment at the club.