How Much Does It Cost to Live in Tomsk?

Accommodation in Tomsk is cheaper than in Moscow. According to the Numbeo service, consumer prices in Tomsk are lower by 17%, rental housing by 66% than in Moscow. It will turn out to be even cheaper if you live in a university dormitory. Prices in cafés and restaurants in Tomsk are 46% lower than in the capital.

Lunch in a canteen will cost about 300 rubles, in a café, 400-600 rubles. A cup of coffee from a vending machine in a supermarket costs about 50 rubles, while in a coffee shop it costs 100-200 rubles. Purchase of products for a week in a supermarket can cost around 3,000 rubles or more, depending on the list of necessities.

Renting a one-room apartment in Tomsk costs about 10,000–20,000 rubles per month.

Many Tomsk students work part-time during their studies. The most popular places for work are coffee shops, delivery services, laboratories, libraries, and university campuses. Some work as tutors or even start their own small businesses.