All eligible students are required to obtain health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies.

We endorse a student health insurance plan that offers individual or group coverage, including emergency medical coverage and hospital provision. On-campus medical assistance includes initial treatment for illness or injury. All consultations are conducted in strict privacy and kept confidentially.

If you have a valid insurance, please confirm that it is recognized in Russia and obtain a list of hospitals that accept your coverage. You must provide the following:

  • A valid insurance card

  • Plan details
  • Your insurer’s emergency contact details

  • List of hospitals/medical centers that accept your coverage

Make sure your health insurance covers the following services:

  • Health services and medical treatments provided by general practitioners and specialists

  • House calls

  • Emergency room services and ambulance charges

  • Diagnostic imaging and screening, including X-rays and ultrasound tests, endoscopy and colonoscopy

  • Laboratory tests

  • Physiotherapy

  • Dental and oral surgery