International students can face many obstacles. New culture, new people, a new climate, and a new daily schedule may cause stress and anxiety. To support students and staff, TPU provides professional psychological consultation.

The TPU psychological service is:

  • qualified specialists;

  • support and assistance in difficult times;

  • warm communication;

  • a training space for communication and self-knowledge;

  • opportunity to get to know yourself better, personally and professionally.

Pay attention
Psychological counseling is a form of psychological assistance for healthy people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Firstly, the counseling process is the communication between two people, in which the consultant, within their professional competence and ethical boundaries, helps the client understand what is happening to them. Through awareness, cognition, and emotional living of the experience, the consultant aims to set the client up for success in resolving their personal and interpersonal issues.

Sometimes in life, situations appear insoluble and hopeless. Unfortunately, there is not always a person nearby with whom you can talk about problems and share experiences and thoughts. Sometimes, in such cases, it is easier to write.

Dear students, faculties, and staff of TPU, the psychological service offers you the project “Conversation with a Psychologist”.

You can also contact the following services and organizations for help:

Trust line of TPU Psychological Service: +7-(961)-886-24-18

Emergency psychological assistance in Tomsk: +7-(3822)-41-19-99

Trust line for psychological assistance: +7-(3822)-44-44-44

Drug and psychological center. Trust line: 8-(800)-222-95-90

Psychological center. Trust line: 8-(800)-250-59-30