International Culture Center

The TPU International Cultural Center is one of the best venues for holding forums, conferences, and symposiums. The center is located in the Kirovsky district on the university campus.


  • a center for the development and implementation of university and interuniversity, interregional, all-Russian, and international cultural projects;

  • a center for development and realization of TPU’s students and young people from Tomsk creative potential;

  • a place for communication and intercultural activities of TPU faculty, staff, students, and veterans;

  • one of the best concert venues in Tomsk;

  • a center for the formation of business communication and service environments;

  • one of the best platforms for forums, conferences, presentations, negotiations, and celebrations.

The TPU International Cultural Center has four halls.

There is a Concert Hall. It is 315.5 square meters in size, and designed for 342 people. The hall has a balcony with an area of ​​57 square meters, designed for 49 people. Concerts, presentations, conferences, symposia, teleconferences, and Internet conferences could all take place here.

There is a Dance Hall with columns. It is 320 square meters in size, and designed for 150 people. The peculiarity of the hall is its ability to quickly and easily change the furniture arrangement plan.

There is a Ceremonial Hall. It is ​​126 square meters in size, and designed for 50 people. The hall can be used for conferences, round tables, and individual sections.

There is a Reception Hall. It is ​​58 square meters in size, and designed for round tables, work in small groups, and negotiations.

Two plasma panels are installed in the 145 square meter foyer on the second floor.

All halls are equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment.

Contact person

Ilya I. Valiullin


Address Office 1, 13V Usova Street, Tomsk