Frost and How to Deal with It

Tomsk is located in the center of Siberia, where there is a rather severe and long winter. A minimum temperature of -55 °C was recorded in January 1931, but Tomsk's winters have been much milder for many years. Sometimes a 30 °C frost rolls in, but it only lasts a couple of days. The usual temperature during the winter months is about -15°C.

Warm clothes such as down jackets, hats, mittens, and winter shoes can easily solve the problem. However, in winter you can ski and skate, and the snowy towns and New Year's illumination in Tomsk become a real fairy tale for children and adults. Even foreign students from African countries are adapting to the Tomsk winter. They are happy to go to the skating rink and walk through the snowy forest.

It might be hot in Tomsk in summer. In July 2004, a maximum temperature of +37.7 °C was recorded. It also rains quite often, so you need an umbrella or raincoat. In spring and autumn, you need a windbreaker, a raincoat or a jacket.